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AFR was founded in 2019 but has its roots in a long story, combination and complementary experience of its founders.

Miguel Martin and Miguel Ángel García-Ramos.

We have an unique profile based on our pillars of location in Sao Tome and Principe, broad experience in other companies in Sao Tome and Equatorial Guinea by Miguel Martin with in depth understanding of local laws, political and business relationships and successful industrial businesses undertaken by Miguel Martin, one of the most well-known, successful and ethical entrepreneurs of Africa.

Miguel Martin and Miguel Ángel García-Ramos are colleagues since 2016 and have undertaken successful temporary alliances in different consulting financial services around Africa. In 2019 decided to establish a permanent business relationship. Miguel Ángel García-Ramos is based in Spain and UK, travels frequently to Sao Tome and other locations in Africa and has experience managing, among other assets, emerging markets equities and bonds and investment funds for infrastructure projects in different emerging countries.

We offer a specialized combination of African location and local knowledge and broad experience in developed world businesses and financial markets.

"We invest to be bigger and we give you the tools and we give you all the support you need so that your growth has no limits"


Meet The Leaders


Miguel Angel


CFA is a very well-known professional in the financial industry worldwide, as a portfolio manager, financial analyst and lecturer in the most prestigious business schools.

He is co-founder and investment director of AFR Investing in Africa and director and head of equity research of London based Researchfy, equities research company and distribution of financial analysis platform.

Miguel Martin


With more than 12 years of experience in Africa, Miguel Martín has specialized in entrepreneurship and business / financial consulting on the African continent. Carry out commercial market research and studies, representation in international tenders, search for first-class national partners, establishment of companies in countries of the continent, search for investment opportunities, international planning and advice.





asset management

In AFR Investing we provide wealth management advice for HNWI&UHNWI individuals:


We can give you an exclusive insight into global opportunities for growing your investments from our local offices in Sao Tomé and Principe considering our international experience in top asset management companies and African local footprint.


We believe in the value of a sound investment strategy and a disciplined approach to developing, implementing and monitoring every solution we deliver. We encourage realistic expectations and a longer-term view of investment results. We use the principles of diversification and strategic asset allocation to shape investment portfolios whose potential rewards are adequate compensation for their inherent risks. We provide African individuals investment denominated in hard currencies (USD&€) with a high diversification of assets and countries and risk hedging and control.


Our investment process framework is highly disciplined, we analyze your financial situation, agree your investment needs and objectives and determine your investment profile. We design your asset allocation strategy considering your investment profile and AFR´s market outlook.


We execute your portfolio selection using third party investment vehicles with and optimization of brokerage costs an management fees with a regular monitorization with our updated market perspectives and your needs. We provide first class investment advice and access to Top Tier mutual funds.


Our team of investment professionals with extensive experience, high academic background and ethical principles are prepared for first class advice for your wealth.


COrporate consulting 


for local and foreign companies

For local African companies, we provide outstanding advice for value creation, we help companies refine and execute their strategies, corporate finance policy and relationships and investment strategy.


AFR provides Corporate Finance advisory, investment management and risk consulting services. We offer sophisticated, tailor made financial solutions to cater the needs of private corporations, SMEs and family owned businesses in their quest for sustainable and profitable decisions.


We design unique and innovative transactions. AFR team advises large and small&mid companies, financial players, institutional investors and public authorities in designing, executing and closing corporate deals. Our team has extensive experience in a wide array of corporate transactions such as: M&A, design of financing solutions and capital structure optimization, cash management and capital leverage.


For foreign companies, we offer from our local footprint a unique and outstanding service for business advisory, legal and political intermediation for companies wishing to introduce into the African emerging countries.

We have extensive experience in commodities, infrastructure and financial deals for the establishment and investment for foreign companies.

We are the perfect partner, due to our good network of contacts around Africa for foreign companies and we generate a value added due to our local market knowledge of legal, FX and political issues.

educational services

AFR´s partners and employees have extensive experience as lecturers in top international business schools teaching financial and economic related subjects.

We provide our teaching experience for educational African institutions and companies for enhancing their human capital through personalized programs teaching matters such as FX management, asset allocation, financial statements analysis, financial decisions, cost optimization, valuation, financial assets and markets and accounting.

We can help optimization of human capital in African corporations through employee education teaching how to deal with optimization of inputs and costs, company strategy and organization.




We offer an unique
  • We can offer first class advisory for individuals and companies in financial and corporate finance&strategic matters.

  • We serve as a bridge for business and financial consultancy between Europe and Africa. We have an African footprint but European first class experience and knowledge. We are the perfect partners for developed countries’ multinationals looking for an expansion into strong growth potential emerging market Africa. We are one of the very few specialized consulting and financial companies in Africa.

  • Are you an HNWI&UHNWI African individual entrepreneur and lacks experience in investment management? We can generate long term value added for our customers in capital growth and preservation and help mitigate or hedge market, currency and interest rate risks.

  • We can help African companies mitigate business and financial risks by outstanding customized courses for management and employees. We offer our broad experience in financial and investment management and teaching for training the companies. Main aim for a company is shareholder value creation, and human capital is one of the most important ingredients for this target.

Strictest ethical and professional conduct standards.

Local African footprint and local knowledge.

Over 40 years of combined experience in financial markets and advisory, industrial businesses and infrastructure projects.



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